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Dear faithful partners, supporters and friends,

As the Body of Christ all across the globe, we are in one of the most challenging, but exciting seasons of all time. We have returned from an international strategic prophetic intercession assignment in USA from 28 NOV 2018 to 8 DEC 2018. Thank you once again for all that supported us with continued prayer and a very special word of thanks to all the sponsors who funded the entire three-legged assignment. God bless you! 

With Pakistan's portion of wealth that was released from the Courts of Heaven earlier during 2017 in Oklahoma City, and then being delivered to them in November 2017, it was time to go back to the Church on the Rock In Oklahoma City to collect the rest of the wealth of the Nations that was not taken up by them during the conference of 1-4 March 2017 in Oklahoma City. 

Hanlie and I, together with one of our faithful friends and intercessors, Jessie Zacharias, spent two days in Washington DC, three days in Oklahoma City and three days in New York City during this assignment of prophetic intercession that we received from our Heavenly Father.


We are still in prayer as to when and how Father wants us to share details of this assignment. Watch this space for details !

Warmest regards and blessings