Teachings on the Modern Day Significance of the Shofar​​​​​​​

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It is a fact that, over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase (up to 70% all around the world) in the sales and use of Ram's Horns and/or Shofars by believers/congregations. There are many testimonies from all around that indicate a specific effect when a Ram's Horn or Shofar is sounded during praise and worship, and whilst praying for healing and/or deliverance

Arnold teaches extensively on the Modern Day Significance of the Ram's Horn or Shofar and shares some amazing personal experiences and testimonies on the topic.

Although detailed practical workshops are held from time to time in Pretoria, we are also invited from all over South Africa to teach on the subject and to bring more clarity and understanding amongst the broader Body of Christ with regard to the modern day relevance and significance of the Ram's Horn or Shofar.