Support Us

We at Bald Eagle Ministries do proclaim Jehovah Jireh to be our provider.

We know and acknowledge that the earth, and all in it, belongs to Him. (Deut. 10:14)

Although we know that Father uses people and will always provide what we need, I need to bring the following to the attention of all people considering supporting this ministry. We must realize that when we support or contribute towards a certain project/mission/cause, we become a part of what they are doing.

We at Bald Eagle Ministries are often called to do work in the front line of spiritual warfare and very often we even need to go and operate behind enemy lines. By supporting this ministry in which ever way, you do become a part of what we are doing, and retaliation from the side of the enemy might have an effect on you too. We do ask of you to earnestly pray and obtain confirmation from Father before supporting this ministry.

If you feel led to become a part of the team that intercedes for us, whether it be for a certain project/mission, or for a longer term, please contact us, and we will keep you posted on all our activities, as well as introduce you to the rest of the team of intercessors.

If you feel led to support and contribute any items, material, goods or vehicles or any other means of transport towards a certain project/mission, please do contact us.

If you feel led to become a partner of this ministry in which ever way, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Although we prefer to keep in touch and provide feedback to people and institutions that support this ministry, we are aware of people and institutions that  wish to donate anonymously, and therefore we provide our banking details:

CAPITEC BANK (South Africa)
Branch Code 470010
Account number 1544331957

For International transfers:
Benificiary account: 1544331957 Benificiary details: BALDEAGLEMINIS, 71 Molopo Ave, Doringkloof, Centurion, 0157.

We praise and thank Jehovah Jireh for who He is!