Study/Learning Problems?

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You are never too young or old to LEARN HOW TO LEARN

DISCOVER your unique: learning style, thinking style, emotional intelligence and learning strategies.
FIND out: what motivates you, what your brain is capable of, what makes your brain function optimally and how to tune your attitude.
LEARN and APPLY: listening strategies, memory systems, reading techniques, thinking tools, creativity and learning strategy frameworks.
ENJOY: a natural environment, group work, professional facilitation, collective knowledge and loads more...

Have you ever reflected on how children's lives are effected their ability to grasp schoolwork?

A Learner that handles the class situation with ease, has more self confidence and less stress and is open for what the moment may offer. Learners that know they can, have the guts to ask questions, to tackle opportunities and to think further. On top of that they get along better with others - also their parents! The question is: how many Learners do really have the skills to understand, process and apply schoolwork effectively?

Does your child know

- what his natural learning style is,
- how to formulate questions, and
- how to put his brain in a state of relaxed alertness for learning?

Can your child

- regulate his reading speed,
- listen actively and make effective notes,
- apply memory- and relaxation techniques,
- manage his time effectively, and
- learn goal-directed and independently?

Schools focus traditionally more on what Learners must learn than how to learn. It's ironic - when you know how to learn, to remember and solve problems, you can master any learning situation for the rest of your life!

The huge need for a cost effective system that transfers skills in a practical way that can be applied immediately, is the driving force behind the program we offer. This structured development programme empowers students from Grade 4 to Post Graduate Level and any other individual learners with fundamental skills, anchor these skills through application and provides meaningful long term support.

This Programme is comprehensive in the process of learn-to-learn, outcomes based and incorporates the twelve critical outcomes as excepted by SAQA.

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